Whitney Houston全像技術巡演將於明年在英國推出

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  • Whitney Houston全像技術巡演將於明年在英國推出


    ◎據MusicWeek報導,Whitney Houston全像投影技術巡迴演唱會將於明年在英國上映。
    ◎演唱會將於明年開幕,由Base Entertainment舉辦,該公司曾為Roy Orbison、Amy Winehouse和Maria Callas等藝人的全像技術作品。Amy Winehouse的全像技術目前正在開發中,Base的Buddy Holly和Roy Orbison巡演10月將在英國推出。
    ◎Primary Wave是美國最大的獨立音樂出版、人才管理、製作、娛樂和品牌公司之一,它還與Houston財產管理合作推出了許多即將發布的版本,其中包括之前聞所未聞、前所未有的唱片。


    A Whitney Houston hologram tour will launch in the UK next year, according to MusicWeek.
    The show is slated to kick off next year and will be staged by Base Entertainment, which has worked on hologram productions for the estates of artists including Roy Orbison, Amy Winehouse and Maria Callas. The Winehouse hologram tour is currently in development, while Base’s Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison tour launches in the UK next month.
    Primary Wave, one of the largest independent music publishing, talent management, production and entertainment and branding companies in the U.S., has also partnered with the Houston estate on a number of upcoming releases including previously unheard recordings that initially had a limited release.
    Of the upcoming hologram tour, Seth Faber, SVP of marketing at Primary Wave said: “It will be an incredible show. So much effort has gone into making the show as authentic as possible. It’s going to be a phenomenal experience.”