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  • WhoSampled為其移動應用程式增加了歌曲識別功能



    ◎WhoSampled執行長Nadav Poraz表示「我們在6年前推出這款應用程式以來就一直希望添加這些功能。你可以識別你周圍播放的歌曲,然後深入挖掘找出這首歌裡取樣的其他歌曲,像是副歌或間奏旋律可能聽起來很熟悉,但不是來自正在播放的這首歌,而是來自其他地方。其他音樂識別應用程式會告訴你正在聽到的歌曲的名字,但WhoSampled是唯一能夠提供你所需答案的應用程式,讓你了解作品的來源並揭示對其進行取樣的其他錄音作品。」


    WhoSampled has announced that it has added a song recognition function to its mobile app. So now you can wave your phone at some music to find out what it's sampling. Better than having to know the name of the track you're currently listening to and then typing in its name, I'm sure you'll all agree.

    "We had always dreamed of adding these features from the moment we launched the app six years ago", says WhoSampled CEO Nadav Poraz. "You can identify the song playing around you, then dig deeper and find out what other song was sampled in the song you're hearing. For example, the chorus or riff might sound familiar but not from the song that is playing, it's from somewhere else".

    He adds: "Other music recognition apps will tell you the name of the song you're hearing, but WhoSampled is the only app that will give you the answer you're looking for, allow you to understand the origins of the composition and reveal the other recordings that sampled it".

    The new version of the WhoSampled app is available now.