X Ambassadors為盲人和有視障的粉絲推出視頻

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  • X Ambassadors為盲人和有視障的粉絲推出視頻


    ◎為盲人和有視障的人製作的音樂視頻是什麼樣的?X Ambassadors已經與微軟合作找出答案。
    ◎這支僅限音頻的音樂視頻名為《Boom》,並已作為電腦、行動裝置和微軟混合現實HoloLens耳機的應用程式發布。它採用了一種名為「Windows Sonic 3D」的空間音頻技術,可以選擇兩個成員長大的兩個場景。它也被重新塑造為X Ambassadors當前巡迴賽的VIP預展體驗。
    ◎樂團鍵盤手Casey Harris是盲人,他表示,這個應用程式適合所有人,希望視障人士能夠享受並從中獲得很多,也期望其他人以完全不同的方式,體驗音樂視頻。


    What does a music video made for blind and partially-sighted people look like? Artist X Ambassadors have worked with Microsoft to find out.
    The ‘audio-only music video’ is for the band’s track ‘Boom’, and has been released as an application for computers, mobile devices and Microsoft’s mixed-reality HoloLens headset. It uses a spatial-audio technology called ‘Windows Sonic 3D’, with a choice of two scenes – a walk in Bushwick, Brooklyn or a more-rural wander in Ithaca, New York where two members grew up. It’s also being recreated as a “VIP pre-show experience” on X Ambassadors’ current tour.
    So, on one level, this is a standard tech-brand/band partnership, but there is also a personal angle: keyboardist Casey Harris is blind. “The app is for everybody. I hope that visually impaired people enjoy and get a lot out of it, but I’m also really excited for sighted people and everyone else to experience the world and experience the music video in a totally different and new way,” he said in a statement.