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  • XCITE這款音樂影片串流應用程式已在美國正式推出



    ◎XITE這家總部位於荷蘭的公司於2008年成立,目前已經在歐洲、加拿大和中東推出。過去幾天和幾週來,這個全天無休的音樂影片串流應用程式已在Comcast X1 Infinity、Apple TV和Amazon Fire TV上悄然推出,在Roku上也即將可以使用,今年下半年計劃會在移動裝置和平板電腦上可使用。




    A free app already popular on the international scene, XITE has officially been rolled out in the US, and may be the first streaming service solely dedicated to music videos.

    Guest post by James Shotwell of Haulix

    Finally, a streaming service solely focused on music videos has debuted in the United States.

    The internationally popular music video streaming app XITE has made its official debut in the United States today, March 12. The free service, which is now available on a number of major platforms, arrives with a catalog including all three major labels — Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group — as well as indie labels and distributors like Beggars, EMPIRE, PIAS and Armada.

    Already available in Europe, Canada, and the Middle East, XITE is a Netherlands based company that launched in 2008. The 24/7 music video streaming app has been quietly rolling out on Comcast X1 Infinity, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV over the past few days and weeks, with Roku availability coming soon and mobile and tablet availability scheduled for arrival the second half of the year. The official launch happens on the same day as the start of SXSW Music 2019 where the company will be participating in numerous events, including panel and mentor sessions.

    XITE differentiates itself from other video streaming platforms by focusing solely on music videos and exclusive performances. The service allows users to favorite and skip videos; create new stations and playlists by genre, era or style of video; and adapts to users' preferences based on watching and liking history. There are also dozens of XITE curated playlists to enjoy as well, some of which are highlighted in a video released to celebrate the platform's launch in the United States.

    "Music videos continue to dominate overall music streaming, and we see an enormous opportunity to bring a beautifully designed, pure-play music video service to the U.S.," said co-CEO/co-founder Cees Honig in a statement. "We're excited to give U.S. music fans a new way to enjoy music videos, the way we have for millions around the world."

    XITE is currently free to use, but a premium service is planned for later in 2019. Details of the premium service and pricing have not been revealed.

    U.S. GM Shelly Powell added, "XITE is all about giving fans the best possible way to experience music videos — on the biggest (or smallest) screen in the house — whether they're leaning back and enjoying a playlist created by our expert curators or making their own personalized channel."