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  • YouTube創作者有了新工具可以對抗重新上傳他們作品的侵權者




    YouTube is launching an additional level of protection for its content creators.
    The company announced Wednesday (July 11) that creators with over 100,000 subscribers will be able to utilize its new innovative Copyright Match Tool, a notification system designed specifically for users who have problem with unauthorized re-uploads.
    Once users upload a video, the new tool will scan other videos uploaded to the platform for similar or exact content. If a match is detected, YouTube will notify the user who can decide whether to take action or not. Takedown request will be reviewed to make sure they comply with YouTube’s copyright policies.
    “Your content is uploaded to other channels without your permission and how time consuming it can be to manually search for these re-uploads. We currently provide a number of ways for copyright owners to protect their work, but we’ve heard from creators that we should do more and we agree,” YouTube said in a blog post.
    YouTube added that they will monitor usage closely and continue to expand over the coming months, with the long-term goal of making it available to every creator in the YouTube Partner program. The tool will be available for users with a large following starting next week.