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  • YouTube發行Justin Bieber原創紀錄片系列


    ◎(Justin Bieber)今年元月帶著他的新單曲《Yummy》回來了。Bieber還將成為YouTube紀錄片系列的最新藝人。該系列於2019年的最後一天宣布,Justin Bieber紀錄片系列將從1月27日開始,每週兩集播出。內容從他婚姻的歡樂到艱難中的掙扎。(Justin Bieber)開始展現自己最大的挑戰,因為他回到工作室錄製自2015年以來的首張專輯。
    ◎按照YouTube當前策略,該紀錄片系列將免費收看,且無廣告播放,YouTube Premium訂閱用戶將可以優先收看。


    Justin Bieber is back. Well, he will be tomorrow (3 January) with his new single ‘Yummy’. Bieber will also be the latest artist to be the subject of a YouTube docu-series, which was announced on the last day of 2019. Justin Bieber: Seasons will kick off on 27 January with two new episodes a week. “From the joys of marriage to the struggles through difficult seasons, Justin opens up to reveal his biggest challenges as he gets back into the studio to record his first album since 2015,” runs the blurb. In keeping with YouTube’s current strategy, the series will be free and ad-supported, although YouTube Premium subscribers will get early access to new episodes.