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    ◎該計劃的課程由MMF在Complete Music Update和MusicAlly的教育合作夥伴所設計。其他申請資格的要求包括,規定申請人必須已擔任經紀人至少18個月,並在過去12個月內有至少20,000英鎊的總收入。


    The Music Managers Forum has launched an accelerator program funded by YouTube that offers professional development and funding for managers of artists, songwriters and producers.

    The Accelerator Programme for Music Managers is open to managers based in England and Scotland who are in full or part-time employment, and who are looking to make the leap into full-time music management with their own company.

    Participants will be able to take a year-long training program with funded travel to attend courses, meetings and mentorship, as well as funding to attend a music business conference.

    Courses for the program have been designed by the MMF's education partners at Complete Music Update and MusicAlly. Other eligibility requirements stipulate that the applicant has worked as a manager for at least 18 months and has generated at least £20,000 in gross income over the past 12 months.

    "The role of music management has undoubtedly been elevated across the past decade. It's a challenging profession, and a good manager needs to be across all aspects of their client's business – be they an artist, a songwriter or a producer. However, many managers also face financial uncertainty, particularly in the early stages of their career, and we fear that without proper support the music industry will lose vital talent from across the country," said MMF's Fiona McGugan.

    "By partnering with YouTube Music, the Accelerator Programme offers a way of addressing this dilemma. The programme is for managers who are already building a track record, and our aim is to encourage applications from across England and Scotland, across all genres and backgrounds, and to leave a lasting legacy that serves a whole generation of artists," McGugan added.