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  • YouTube通知創作者清理其平台上的垃圾帳戶會看到訂閱者數量減少





    YouTube is making an effort to clean up spam on its platform, and creators could see a drop in subscribers as a result.

    The Google-owned video giant posted a note to creators on Dec. 13 notifying them about a scheduled purge of spam subscribers from Dec. 13-14. "You may see a noticeable decrease in your subscriber count as we remove spam subscriptions from your channel," the company wrote in the post.

    YouTube went on to explain that the move "helps ensure that YouTube remains a fair playing field for everyone and should result in higher confidence that you're organically building a community of authentic fans."

    If YouTube removes spam subscribers from a channel, a banner will appear to let the creator know.

    YouTube had made efforts to clean up its platform following pushback over its inability to curb the spread of fake news and other unsavory content. The streamer said that it removed more than 1.6 million channels during the three month period from July to September for either accruing three strikes or violating the YouTube guidelines. Of those channels removed, 79.6 percent were for spam or scams. All told, 7.8 million videos were removed during the period.