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  • YouTube過去一年向音樂產業支付了18億美元

    ◎Google發佈了一份「Google如何打擊盜版」的新報告,根據該報告,YouTube從2017年10月到2018年9月已經向音樂產業支付了18億美元的廣告收入,而自推出以來,YouTube已向音樂產業支付了60億美元。Google和YouTube表示,他們已投資1億美元來建立Content ID系統,該系統支持了YouTube的版權保護和支付工作。

    ◎今年Google的打擊盜版報告中的重點調查結果包括:YouTube透過Content ID系統偵測到權利擁有人的內容被其他影片使用,進而收費後支付給權利擁有人的金額超過30億美元。YouTube構建Content ID系統所投入的金額超過1億美元,其中包括人事費用和電腦資源。自從為版權所有者及其代理商啟動提交工具以來,從「搜尋」結果中刪除掉侵權的網址數量超過30億個。2017年被Google認為有侵犯版權嫌疑或會連結到侵權網站而不許可的廣告數量有超過1000萬個。


    YouTube paid the music industry $1.8 billion in advertising revenue from October 2017 to September 2018, according to Google. YouTube has paid the music industry $6 billion since launch.

    Google and YouTube say that they have invested $100 million to build and staff the Content ID system which underpins YouTube's copyright protection and payment efforts. The news came in a new Google report "How Google Fights Piracy."

    Other findings from this year's Google Piracy report:

    $3 billion+: The amount YouTube has paid to rights holders who have monetized use of their content in other videos through Content ID.

    $100 million+: The amountYouTube invested in building Content ID, including staffing and computing resources.

    3 billion+: The number of URLs that were removed from Search for infringing copyright since launching a submission tool for copyright owners and their agents.

    10 million+: The number of ads that were disapproved by Google in 2017 that were suspected of copyright infringement or that linked to infringing sites.