YouTube Music可以通過零售模式 展示其串流媒體服務

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  • YouTube Music可以通過零售模式 展示其串流媒體服務


    ◎Google可能正在為YouTube Music訂閱服務添加零售模式。YouTube Music 3.31版更新,目前正進行測試,讓人們在購買手機時試用高級功能。
    ◎此零售模式的代碼提到串流媒體平台的現有功能,例如個性化推薦和現場表演、混音和封面以及原始曲目的目錄。一旦推出,可能在商店出售Pixel 3智慧手機時,附上為期六個月的YouTube Music Premium免費試用版。
    ◎最新統計數據顯示,今年5月為止,YouTube Music有1500萬用戶。YouTube和Google努力推動串流付費,但許多努力已失敗,部分原因來自於不明確的品牌和重疊服務。


    A teardown of the latest YouTube Music code updates reveal that Google may be adding a “retail mode” to the subscription service. YouTube Music 3.31 will be the latest update to the platform, and it is currently testing a mode that appears to let people try out premium features while they’re buying phones.
    The code for this retail mode makes mention of existing features for the on-demand streaming platform, such as personalized recommendations and a catalog of live performances, remixes, and covers as well as original tracks. If the feature is rolled out, that could allow stores to make YouTube Music’s paid version a part of demos for Pixel smartphones. The Pixel 3 included a six-month free trial of YouTube Music Premium.
    At latest count in May, YouTube Music clocked in with 15 million subscribers. YouTube and Google have made several efforts to launch paid on-demand streaming properties, but many of the efforts have foundered thanks in part to unclear branding and overlapping services.