YouTube Music在印度推出第一週的數字表現是Spotify的3倍

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  • YouTube Music在印度推出第一週的數字表現是Spotify的3倍


    ◎YouTube執行長Susan Wojcicki和全球音樂總監Lyor Cohen在印度慶祝YouTube Music在當地的推出,並宣布該應用程式在推出的第一週就被下載了300萬次。


    ◎強調印度作為一個市場的重要性,Lyor Cohen分享了YouTube的排行榜,其中「2019年的每一週,在全球熱門歌曲排行榜中平均有五分之一的上榜者都是印度的藝人。」


    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and global head of music Lyor Cohen are in India to celebrate the launch of YouTube Music there and announce that the app was downloaded 3 million times in its first week.

    That's 3 times more than Spotify, who had 1 million signups during its first week in India.

    Underscoring the importance of Inida as a market, Cohen shared that YouTube's charts where "week to week, in 2019, an average one-fifth of the entries on the Global Top Songs chart featured Indian artists."