YouTube Music增加了學生訂閱優惠方案

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  • YouTube Music增加了學生訂閱優惠方案

    ◎YouTube增加了與Spotify和其他競爭對手提供的優惠折扣相同的學生訂閱方案,YouTube Music Premium的學生會員每月費用為4.99美元,而包含影片串流在內的YouTube Premium學生收費為6.99美元,在1月底之前註冊的學生則可以鎖定用每個月5.99美元的特價訂閱。


    YouTube has added student plans that match discounts offered by Spotify and other competitors YouTube Music Premium will cost students $4.99 per month and YouTube Premium which includes video is $6.99. Students who sign up by the end of January can lock in Premium at the special rate of $5.99 per month.