YouTube Music正為新專輯提供預留保存功能

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  • YouTube Music正為新專輯提供預留保存功能


    ◎串流媒體服務上「預先保存」新專輯的想法已經存在了一段時間,這種想法是預先註冊,以在專輯發行日自動將它們添加到您的音樂庫中。它始於2016年底在Spotify發行的(Laura Marling)專輯,該服務使用Spotify的API自行完成。 Apple Music的功能有所不同,稱為「預添加」。如今看來,YouTube Music也正走這條路。
    ◎根據Engadget報告說,YouTube Music使用者現在可以看到一些即將發行的專輯,並在發行前,先將其保存到自己的音樂庫中。


    The idea of ‘pre-saving’ new albums on streaming services, registering in advance to have them added to your library automatically on release day, has been around for a while. It started in late 2016 on Spotify with a Laura Marling album, and on that service has remained something that labels and distributors do themselves, using Spotify’s API. Apple Music does things differently: it has the feature as part of its service, called ‘pre-adds’. Now it seems YouTube Music is following that path.
    Engadget reports that YouTube Music listeners can now see some upcoming albums, and save them to their libraries ahead of their release. There’s more YouTube news today too: it has officially launched the ‘video chapters’ feature that’s been in testing for a few months. It lets people divide their YouTube videos into shorter chapters, with timestamps and titles, to help viewers jump around. One of the things this is very useful for are longer music videos, like live concerts, to help fans leap to particular songs.