YouTube Music為其播放列表 推出更多功能

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  • YouTube Music為其播放列表 推出更多功能


    ◎ YouTube Music團隊一直在改進播放列表,其中包括輔助播放列表。YouTube會根據其標題,該播放列表中已有的歌曲,及用戶的收聽歷史記錄,向其建議要添加到播放列表中的歌曲。這並不是串流媒體中的新主意-Spotify已經實施一段時間了,但這是一個有用的主意。
    ◎YouTube Music還透過引入播放列表來追蹤競爭對手,以便多個人可以為播放列表做出貢獻。此外,還有一項新的社交功能,YouTube Music用戶可以透過其公開個人資料,瀏覽彼此的播放列表。


    As it prepares for a migration of users from Google Play Music, YouTube Music’s team have been talking about some of their recent improvements to playlists on the service. That includes assistive playlists, with YouTube suggesting songs to add to a playlist based on its title, the songs already in the playlist, and the user’s listening history. That’s not a new idea in streaming – Spotify has had it for a while – but it’s a useful one.
    YouTube Music is also following that rival by introducing collaborative playlists, so that multiple people can contribute to a single playlist. There’s also a new social feature enabling YouTube Music users to browse one another’s playlists via their public profiles.