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  • Z世代如何消費音樂


    ◎CD Baby的DIY音樂人部落格的Chris Robley,深入研究了一項來自Spotify的有趣新研究,該研究調查了25歲以下人士的聆聽習慣,揭示了Z世代如何消費音樂的一些奇怪的新統計數據。

    ◎Chris Robley表示Spotify創建了一個信息圖表,顯示了一群「有力量、跨國際、跨文化、具有社會意識、可獲得資訊且大聲說出自己想法的15至24歲的年輕人」的文化和音樂消費趨勢。最令他驚訝的是,Z世代以一些悲傷的音樂來表現愛自己,他們編輯了一個「播放清單包」,裡面是為了憂鬱的時候所聽的歌曲集合。雖然每個時代的流行音樂都有在講心碎和寂寞,但這樣的調查結果仍讓人驚訝。


    In this piece, Chris Robley looks at an interesting new study from Spotify investigating the listening habits of those under 25, which reveals some curious new stats on how Generation Z is consuming music. Hint: They're into the sad stuff.

    By Chris Robley from CD Baby's DIY Musician blog

    The listening habits of people under 25.

    Spotify created an infographic showing cultural and music-consumption trends among an "empowered, multinational, cross-cultural, socially aware, and informed group of 15- to 24-year-olds who speak their minds."

    Most surprising to me? That Generation Z loves itself some sad music, which they compile in "bag playlists" (collections of songs for the melancholy times). I'm not sure why that surprises me; heartbreak and loneliness have been the stuff of pop music in every age. Goethe Lieder, anyone? Maybe I just like the term "bag" playlist.