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  • Zoom推出新的OnZoom選項,用於付費直播活動


    ◎CNBC表示,新OnZoom服務正在美國進行公開測試,將於2021年在全球使用。OnZoom有助Zoom在今年大流行開始以來的曝光率基礎上,進一步發展,並使該公司能夠蠶食Eventbrite和Live Nation等現場活動門票公司領域。與大多數票務競爭者不同,Zoom在OnZoom公開測試期間不會削減門票銷售,該測試期至少持續到2020年。公司負責人表示,將研究明年是否應該開始收費。


    Zoom has launched a way for users to put on live, pay-to-attend virtual events, CNBC reports.
    The new OnZoom service for hosting premium events is entering public beta in the U.S. and will become available worldwide in 2021, according to CNBC. OnZoom helps Zoom build on the exposure it has had this year with the onset of the pandemic and enables the company to encroach on the territory of companies that sell tickets to live events like Eventbrite and Live Nation. Unlike most of its live-ticketing competitors however, Zoom won’t take a cut of ticket sales during the OnZoom public testing period, which is expected to last at least through 2020. The company’s head said it will look at whether it should start charging next year, however.
    Earlier this year, Zoom reached more than 300 million daily call participants at one point. Zoom users have to have paid subscriptions and be located in the U.S. to create single or repeating events through the new OnZoom feature, and people must have Zoom accounts and be located in the U.S. to join the events. The number of attendees is determined on the host’s Zoom subscription level, and organizers can hold events for free or ask attendees to donate to specific nonprofits if they want.