Alibaba的Xiami音樂未來傳聞 在中國流傳

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  • Alibaba的Xiami音樂未來傳聞 在中國流傳


    ◎Xiami是Alibaba擁有的中國音樂串流媒體服務。它已經建立良好,但缺乏Tencent Music的三項服務(QQ Music, Kugou and Kuwo)或NetEase Cloud Music.的介紹。
    ◎這個故事在中國傳播的一個原因是,阿里巴巴於2019年9月購買了NetEase Cloud Music的少數股權(但仍價值數億美元),這引發了人們對其Xiami承諾的質疑。


    Xiami is the Chinese music streaming service owned by tech firm Alibaba. It’s well established, but lacks the profile of Tencent Music’s three services (QQ Music, Kugou and Kuwo) or NetEase Cloud Music.
    Now Chinese social media is abuzz with the rumour that Xiami may be closing down at the start of 2021. It started with a post on Weibo purportedly by music executive Xiang Zheng, with follow-on reports that “Xiami’s marketing directors are meeting in Beijing to discuss the closure and an announcement will be made after they head back to Hangzhou, where Xiami’s head office is located”.
    No official comment has been made at the time of writing though. One reason that the story has gone viral in China is that Alibaba bought a minority stake (but still valued in the hundreds of millions) in NetEase Cloud Music in September 2019, raising questions about its commitment to Xiami.