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  • Bandcamp擴大了無風險的黑膠發行,銷售機會


    ◎Bandcamp的聯合創始人(Ethan Diamond)指出,Bandcamp上的黑膠銷量正在蓬勃發展,去年粉絲通過網站購買了200萬張唱片,比一年前成長了一倍。對於銷售黑膠唱片的藝人和唱片公司來說,黑膠現在佔他們總收入的50%。然而,在2020年Bandcamp上銷售的專輯中,只有12%提供了黑膠唱片,因此藝人潛在的收入來源很大。Bandcamp已邀請了10,000多名藝人參加無風險黑膠唱片計劃,將在2021年為更多藝人提供這項服務。


    Bandcamp has expanded its no risk vinyl pressing, sales, and shipping program to many more artists.
    Launched as a pilot program in April 2019, Bandcamp coordinates production based on advance orders, ship the records, fulfills digital orders, and handles customer support.
    50 projects later, Bandcamp has shipped 13,0000 records to fans in 65 countries.
    “Vinyl sales on Bandcamp are booming: last year, fans bought 2 million LPs through the site, double the year prior,” says Bandcamp co-founder Ethan Diamond. “And for the artists and labels who sell vinyl, it now makes up 50% of their overall revenue. Yet only 12% of the albums with sales on Bandcamp in 2020 offered a vinyl version, leaving a large source of potential artist revenue on the table.”
    Successful Vinyl Campaign
    A Shoal of Soulsby Yazz Ahmed
    Now Bandcamp has sent an invitation to 10,000 more artists to participate in the no-risk vinyl program.
    “We’ll make the service available to many more artists over the remainder of 2021 and look forward to helping you bring your vinyl project to life,” promises Diamond.