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  • Bandsintown推出音樂直播訂閱服務


    ◎現在,Bandsintown希望透過名為「Bandsintown Plus」的新服務付款,每月收取9.99美元的訂閱費用,每月可訪問25個以上的獨家直播。(Chromeo),(Fleet Foxes),(Flying Lotus),(Jeff Tweedy(Wilco)),(Phoebe Bridgers),(Rodrigo y Gabriela)和(Toro y Moi)都是已經簽約的知名藝人。
    ◎執行長(Fabrice Sergent)表示,這種財務模式是,平台支付藝人表演費,而不是按串流媒體方式劃分訂閱收入。Sergent希望成千上萬的粉絲註冊該服務。互動最初將包括與藝人的問答及一個聊天區,以及藝人個人商品商店的連結。
    ◎目前既有平台和新創公司都圍繞直播活動。透過YouTube,Facebook(和Instagram),Twitch和TikTok;透過Bandcamp,Sofer Sounds,LiveXLive,Mixcloud,MelodyVR和現在的Bandsintown, Maestro,Wave,Dice,Veeps,Sessions,Side Door,Yoop,Clubify,Release Party,Skrachy,Oda,Mandolin,Moment House進行直播。這是一場激烈的創新,但是肯定會出現贏家和輸家,因為很明顯,粉絲和藝人都傾向於使用哪些平台。還有一個問題是,一旦藝人回到巡迴演出中,他們目前對直播的熱情將如何演變?對於直播世界來說,合併是不可避免的,Bandsintown的任務是要建立觀眾群並在藝人中建立聲望,將可形容為Covid後時代。


    In 2020, Bandsintown quickly pivoted from being a service helping people to discover physical concerts to one that pointed them in the direction of online livestreams. Just before Christmas, it revealed that it had tracked nearly 61,000 livestreams between 25 March and 12 December from nearly 20,000 artists – and that by November more than half of new events were charging fans to watch.
    Now Bandsintown is hoping to capitalise on those people’s willingness to pay with its own new service. Called Bandsintown Plus, it will charge a $9.99 monthly subscription for access to more than 25 exclusive livestreams a month. Chromeo, Fleet Foxes, Flying Lotus, Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Phoebe Bridgers, Rodrigo y Gabriela and Toro y Moi are among the better-known artists already signed up.
    The financial model, according to CEO Fabrice Sergent’s interview with Billboard, is that artists “are paid a performance fee for playing on our platform” – rather than a streaming-style division of the subscription income. Sergent added that he’s hoping for “hundreds of thousands” of fans to sign up for the service. Interactivity will initially include Q&As with artists and a chat section, plus links to artists’ own merchandise stores.
    There’s currently a surge of activity around livestreaming from established platforms and new startups alike. From YouTube, Facebook (and Instagram), Twitch and TikTok; through Bandcamp, Sofar Sounds, LiveXLive, Mixcloud, MelodyVR and now Bandsintown; to *takes deep breath* Maestro, Wave, Dice, Veeps, Sessions, Side Door, Yoop, Clubify, Release Party, Skrachy, Oda, Mandolin, Moment House, Diuo and numerous other startups Music Ally has written about in the past year.
    It’s an intense burst of innovation, but there will surely be winners and losers further down the line, as it becomes clear which platforms fans and artists alike are gravitating towards. There is also the question of how artists’ current enthusiasm for livestreams will evolve once they’re back on the road touring.
    Consolidation is inevitable for the livestreaming world, then: Bandsintown’s task (like all those companies listed above bar the huge social/video platforms) is to establish an audience and a reputation with artists that will carry through to what we still hope we’ll be able to describe as the post-Covid era.