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  • BBTV表示其音樂視頻內容每月吸引3.91億觀眾


    ◎BBTV是與音樂藝人和頻道合作以提高其YouTube表現的公司之一:客戶包括(mtheory);(Future Classic)和(21 Savage)。


    BBTV is one of the companies that works with music artists and channels to boost their YouTube performance: clients include mtheory (Major Lazer included); Future Classic (Flume included) and 21 Savage.
    Now the company has published its latest stats on how its roster of channels and videos is doing on YouTube. It claims that in the 12 months up to September 2020 its music content generated 162bn views, while in the month of September it attracted 391 million unique viewers.
    Meanwhile, BBTV says that its recently launched service to distribute to audio streaming platforms has “achieved over 600 million streams” so far. It’s a reminder that while Vevo is the biggest player in music video distribution / aggregation, other companies are also generating a lot of activity on YouTube for music videos and related content.