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  • eMusic透過eMusicLive啟動進入直播


    ◎ eMusic幾個月前剛剛啟動eMU代幣,這是區塊鏈驅動的一部分,老闆加入B2B公司7digital的董事會。如今,兩家公司搭上即時串流媒體潮流。
    ◎這些表演可以直接在「eMusicLive」上託管,藝人也可嵌入來自YouTube,Twitch和Instagram的直播。平台可在封閉的迴路系統中體驗虛擬獎勵與問答。 eMusic將在接下來的幾周中,由20位獨立藝人登場表演。


    The last time we checked in on eMusic, it had just launched its eMU token as part of a blockchain drive, while its boss had joined the board of B2B firm 7digital. A few months on, the two companies are hopping aboard the livestreaming bandwagon.
    eMusic is launching a platform called eMusicLive, which it says will be a way for artists to put on virtual concerts and earn money from them “by bundling ticketing, music sales, merchandise and collectibles” as well as signing sponsorship deals.
    These performances might be hosted directly on eMusicLive, but artists can also embed their livestreams from YouTube, Twitch and Instagram.
    “The platform facilitates real-time VIP experiences, Q&A and virtual rewards all within an end-to-end, closed-loop system,” added its announcement. eMusic will kick off with 20 performances from independent artists in the coming weeks.