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  • Facebook因刪除反種族主義的光頭藝術家而受到批評


    ◎科技網站(OneZero)解釋,這似乎是社交網絡對白人至上主義團體進行廣泛鎮壓的一部分。但對於Facebook而言,更尷尬的是,刪除的光頭者和相關帳戶,包括了幾位黑人音樂家:包括樂團Specials的(Neville Staple)。


    Some racists are skinheads. Many skinheads aren’t racists – in fact, many are among the most committed anti-racists. This is hardly a secret, but Facebook got a blunt reminder this week, after mistakenly removing the accounts of hundreds of anti-racist skinheads, as well as pages devoted to ska and reggae music, and the organisation Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice.
    This appeared to be part of a wider crackdown by the social network against white supremacist groups, as tech site OneZero explains. Even more embarrassingly for Facebook, its cull of skinhead and related accounts included several Black musicians: Neville Staple of The Specials included.
    The accounts have since been restored, and Facebook has apologised. “These accounts were removed in error and have been reinstated. We are reviewing what happened in this case and are taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” said a spokesperson.