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  • Facebook的Libra加密貨幣可能會在1月推出


    ◎ 2019年中,Facebook宣布計劃推出自己的加密貨幣:Libra。自那時以來,它的推出經歷了一段坎坷旅程,其中包括當年年底退出合作的支付公司。現在有報導指稱,Libra可能準備在2020年初推出,其中包括一個供人們儲存貨幣的錢包。
    ◎ Spotify是負責監督發行Libra的創始人之一。執行長(Daniel Ek)在2019年6月曾說,最重要的是,它可以在世界上許多地方實現數位化付款。像Spotify這樣的服務,您可以想像通過允許用戶直接向藝人付款等方式會發生什麼情況,突然之間,日本的用戶可能會向阿根廷的創作者付款,這會帶來巨大的機會。


    In mid-2019, Facebook announced plans to launch its own cryptocurrency: Libra. It’s had a bumpy ride towards launch since, including some of the payment companies who were partners backing out before the end of that year.
    Now there are reports that Libra may be finally ready to launch early in 2020, including a companion wallet for people to store and spend the currency, but with scaled-down ambitions initially in terms of the way the currency works.
    Libra is still interesting to Music Ally because Spotify is one of the founder members of the Libra Association that is overseeing the launch.
    “The most important thing is it will enable paying for things digitally in many of the places around the world where those kind of methods just doesn’t exist. A service like Spotify, you can imagine what would happen by allowing users for instance to be able to pay artists directly,” said CEO Daniel Ek in June 2019.
    “That can open up massive opportunities where all of a sudden, a user in Japan might pay a creator in Argentina. And that opens up huge opportunities for how we can further our mission.”
    Since then, Spotify has taken its first steps into helping fans pay artists more directly with its Artist Fundraising Pick feature. Using Libra in some way to expand on that in the coming years could be very interesting, but only if the cryptocurrency catches on.