Instagram 用Reels重新設計其首頁

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  • Instagram 用Reels重新設計其首頁


    ◎Instagram應用程式中還有一個專門用於購物的新標籤,與Music Ally有關,因為6月份,該應用程序向音樂人開放了購物功能,以便他們可以從Instagram個人資料開始銷售商品。一年之內,Instagram一直在為擴展其創作者社區(包括藝人)的功能提供支持,以直接從其應用程式中賺錢。


    Instagram started testing its TikTok-style ‘Reels’ feature in late 2019, before rolling it out globally in August this year.
    Now the feature is getting a big boost in Instagram’s latest redesign of its homescreen, with a dedicated tab rather than simply showing Reels content in the app’s ‘Explore’ screen.
    For artists who are using Reels, this should help their short videos reach even more viewers – and it may nudge those who haven’t yet tried it to experiment.
    There’s also a new dedicated tab for shopping in the Instagram app, which is relevant to Music Ally because in June, the app opened up its shopping feature to musicians, so that they could begin selling merchandise from their Instagram profiles.
    In countries where the feature is available, it’s another prompt for artists to explore how it works, in a year when Instagram has been putting some serious welly behind expanding features for its community of creators (including artists) to make money directly from its app.