J Balvin是Deezer 2020年最受歡迎的藝人

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  • J Balvin是Deezer 2020年最受歡迎的藝人


    ◎拉丁藝人(J Balvin)連續第三年成為該平台的頂級藝人,證明了他的全球知名度(儘管事實上Deezer實力較強的地區之一是拉丁美洲)。(Weeknd),(Dua Lip)和(Bad Bunny)是第二受歡迎的藝人,其中(The Weeknd)的《After Hours》名列專輯排行榜的首位,而(Tones and I )的《Dance Monkey》則拿下Deezer的年度歌曲榜首。
    ◎還有一個有趣的藝人排名,按他們擁有多少“超級粉絲”排名,(Eminem)擊敗了(BTS),拿下第一,(Beatles)與(Queen)都位居前十名。Deezer也像Spotify一樣通過「My Deezer Year」促銷活動,向聽眾提供了自己的個性化列表。


    It isn’t just Spotify that can do the end-of-year charts thing. Deezer has published some of its top lists of 2020, albeit without stream figures attached.
    J Balvin was the platform’s top artist for the third year in a row: renewed evidence, not that anyone needs it, of his global popularity (although also the fact that one of Deezer’s stronger regions is Latin America).
    The Weeknd, Dua Lip and Bad Bunny were the next most popular artists, with The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’ taking the top album slot, and Tones and I’s ‘Dance Monkey’ topping Deezer’s tracks of the year rankings.
    There’s also an interesting list of artists ranked by how many ‘superfans’ – heavy streamers in this context – they have. Eminem beat out BTS to top that chart, although the Beatles and Queen were also in the top 10. Like Spotify, Deezer is offering listeners their own personalised lists too, via its My Deezer Year promo.