Live Nation的「Crew Nation Covid-19」基金 募集了1500萬美元

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  • Live Nation的「Crew Nation Covid-19」基金 募集了1500萬美元


    ◎Crew Nation是Live Nation的Covid-19救助基金,用於在現場音樂行業工作的工作人員:其中許多人是自由業,收入因音樂會關閉而中斷。
    ◎根據Pollstar,該基金於3月底推出,目前已籌集了1500萬美元。基金為36個國家/地區的15,000人提供支持。Live Nation希望籌集至少3000萬美元。
    ◎Live Nation老闆(Michael Rapino)表示:如果沒有眾多工作人員在幕後工作,音樂會將是不可能的,希望確保作為獨立工作者,他們能夠獲得行業和政府的支持。


    Crew Nation is Live Nation’s Covid-19 relief fund for the crew members who work in the live music industry: many of whom are freelancers whose incomes have been shattered by the concerts shutdown.
    Launched at the end of March, the fund has now raised $15m according to Pollstar. That’s been used to support 15,000 people across 36 countries. Live Nation is ambitious for more though: the story reports that it wants to raise at least $30m in total.
    “Concerts wouldn’t be possible without the many crew members working behind the scenes every step of the way and we want to make sure that as independent workers, they get the support they need from both the industry and the government,” said Live Nation boss Michael Rapino.