Mariah Carey 本周可能成為英國第一

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  • Mariah Carey 本周可能成為英國第一


    ◎(Mariah Carey)的《All I Want For Christmas is You》實際上從未達到官方單曲榜的榜首。但是,它可能終於會在本週做到:排行榜公司官方報告稱,(Mariah Carey)正要超過當前的第一名(Ariana Grande)的歌曲《Positions》。
    ◎這不僅是英國的事情,而且在所有平台上都在發生。例如,在最新的YouTube Music全球排行榜中,《All I Want For Christmas is You》從第48位躍升至第29位,而在Spotify的最新每周全球排行榜中,它從幾週前的第46位上升到上週的第19位。 但是,在Spotify的每日全球50強排行榜中,它是世界第二。


    Strange though it may sound given its annual ubiquity, Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ has never actually reached the top of the official singles chart. It might finally do that this week however: the Official Charts Company reports that an earlier-than-usual surge in streams of Carey’s track means it’s on the verge of overtaking current number one, Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’.
    This isn’t just a UK thing, and it’s happening across all platforms. For example, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ jumped from 48th to 29th in the latest YouTube Music global chart, while on Spotify’s new weekly global chart it moved up from 46th a couple of weeks ago to 19th last week. However, in Spotify’s daily Global Top 50 chart it’s second in the world.