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  • NIVA向獨立音樂場所發放300萬美元的緊急款項


    ◎美國國家獨立場地協會(NIVA)緊急救濟基金已頒發第一筆款項,以幫助一些最脆弱的獨立現場音樂場所避免災難,直到最近通過的“Save Our Stages”法案中的聯邦資金開始到位。
    ◎NIVA緊急救濟基金由「The Giving Back Fund」基金管理,資源由多元化且公正的第三方行業專家小組分配。「The Giving Back Fund」總裁(Marc Pollick)表示,我們從全國各地的場所收到了數百份申請,每個申請都有自己獨特的歷史,並且每個都迫切需要支持,遠遠超出當前資源所能完成的有價值的申請,希望繼續努力尋找必要的資金,以挽救每一個場地。NIVA表示,已經收到了四倍於現有緊急援助的要求,仍然需要總計1,100萬美元,才能為目前為止申請緊急救濟的所有人提供救濟。


    The NIVA (National Independent Venue Association) Emergency Relief Fund has awarded its first grants to help some of the most vulnerable indie live music venues stave off disaster until the federal funds from the recently passed Save Our Stages act begin to arrive.
    Donations from music fans, artists, and corporations to the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund allowed NIVA to provide a total of $3 millon worth of $25,000 short-term assistance grabts to 153 independent venues and promoters throughout the U.S.
    “This aid would not have been possible without the help of everyone who has supported NIVA. Thank you especially to the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund Committee co-chairs, Lisa Gedgaudas, Chris Zacher, and Carl Swanson, who dedicated endless hours to making sure this program could assist as many venues and promoters as possible; we’re immensely grateful to them,” said NIVA Executive Director Rev. Moose. “But the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund is just a temporary life raft for these small businesses. With a maximum grant amount of $25,000, this is only short-term help. And we are pained that we can’t provide grants to all who applied, because our industry’s need far exceeds the donations we’ve collected so far. We’re grateful that Congress passed the latest COVID Relief law, but it will likely take months before the grants are received. We’re trying to help those most at risk of going under while they wait.”
    The NIVA Emergency Relief Fund is administered by The Giving Back Fund with resources allocated by a diverse, and impartial third-party panel of industry experts.
    “It’s hard to imagine our futures without the lively spirit and culture of independent music venues,’ added Marc Pollick, president of the Giving Back Fund. “They are where we go to elevate our lives. It’s one of the many reasons why The Giving Back Fund is so proud to be partnering with NIVA to facilitate their Emergency Relief Fund. We received hundreds of applications from venues across the country, each with their own unique history and each in dire need of support – far more worthy applications than we can fulfill given the current resources. Grants are set to go out to the first round of recipients this week and we hope to continue our efforts to find the necessary funding to save every last venue.”
    However, NIVA said it has received requests for four times as much emergency aid as was available with a total of $11 million still needed to provide business-saving relief to all who have applied for emergency relief so far and donations to the Emergency Relief Fund are still being accepted.
    Individuals, foundations, businesses, and organizations that are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund should visit