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  • Roxi融資1300萬英鎊,並推出視頻點唱機


    ◎英國流媒體服務公司Roxi上午宣布了由(Sun Capital Partners)帶領的1300萬英鎊的融資(約合1,730萬美元)。在其他投資者名單中,有一個令人驚訝的名字:(Guy Hands),他以前在音樂界擁有(Terra Firma)對EMI的所有權,足以讓任何人重新回到音樂界。Chrysalis聯合創始人(Chris Wright)和金融界資深人士(Lorna Tilbian)也投資了最新一輪融資。
    ◎Roxi還發布了最新功能:“Roxi Music Video Jukebox”音樂視頻點唱機,該目錄包含來自主要和獨立唱片公司的40萬多首音樂視頻,以及“Roxi獨家開發的超過5400萬個視頻”和圖庫(Getty Images)。由於Roxi的傳送管道是通過電視,因此將視頻翻倍是有意義的,而該服務的卡拉OK目錄也已擴展到14萬首。


    UK streaming service Roxi has announced a £13m funding round (around $17.3m) this morning, led by Sun Capital Partners.
    There’s one surprising name in the list of additional investors: Guy Hands, whose previous stint in the music industry with Terra Firma’s ownership of EMI could have been enough to put anyone off getting back into music. Chrysalis co-founder Chris Wright and finance veteran Lorna Tilbian also invested in the latest round.
    The news came as Roxi also launched its latest new feature: ‘Roxi Music Video Jukebox’, a catalogue of more than 400k music videos from major and independent labels, plus “over 54 million videos developed exclusively by Roxi” and stock library Getty Images. In other words, videos for audio tracks that don’t have a video already. Given that Roxi’s delivery channel is via TVs, it makes sense to double down on videos, while the service’s karaoke catalogue has also expanded to 140k tracks.