Tencent Music Entertainment 股價因收購Lazy Audio而上漲21%

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  • Tencent Music Entertainment 股價因收購Lazy Audio而上漲21%


    ◎中國音樂串流媒體領導品牌騰訊娛樂(Tencent Music Entertainment)股價1月19日上漲21.6%,之前有消息指出,該公司將以27億元人民幣(4.17億美元)的價格收購中國語音服務和播客的(Lazy Audio)。
    ◎(Tencent Music)的市值周一來到高點27.00美元,為454億美元。這雖然落後於Spotify的610億美元,但仍然是全球最有價值的上市媒體技術公司之一。該股週二收於26.86美元,創10月13日以來的新高,上漲88.4%。Tencent擁有中國最受歡迎的音樂串流媒體應用程式QQ Music, Kogou Music(酷狗音樂)與Kuwu Music(酷我音樂),以及卡拉OK應用程式WeSing。它於2018年12月從中國科技巨頭(Tencent Corp)分拆出來,在紐約證券交易所的IPO中籌集了11億美元。
    ◎在過去的一年半中,Spotify領導了串流媒體行業對播客和其他音頻內容的投資。(Lazy Audio)提供小說和非小說類有聲讀物,播客和新聞節目的選擇。騰訊音樂 (Tencent Music) 2020年3月與中國文學建立合作夥伴關係,增加其有聲讀物產品。
    ◎串流媒體公司正在花費大量資金以追求增長和市占。光是(Lazy Audio)的收購價4.17億美元,就超過Spotify在2019年用於收購內容生產商和播客平台的4億美元至5億美元。2020年以來,Spotify收購了Podcaster製作公司Gimlet,The Ringer和Parcast,購買了Anchor播客用於智慧手機的創作工具,以及播客廣告平台Megaphone。Amazon也不甘示弱,去年12月收購播客製作公司Wondery。Apple Music,Pandora和iHeartRadio也押注播客是2020年代音樂串流媒體服務的基本要求。


    Shares in Chinese music streaming leader Tencent Music Entertainment rose 21.6% Monday morning (Jan. 19) on news it will acquire Lazy Audio, a Chinese-owned service with spoken word content such as audiobooks and podcasts, for RMB 2.7 billion ($417 million). The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2021.
    At Monday’s high point of $27.00, Tencent Music’s market capitalization was $45.4 billion. That’s well behind Spotify’s $61 billion but still among the most valuable publicly traded media tech companies in the world. The stock ended Tuesday at $26.86, another high closing price in a 88.4% upswing since Oct. 13. Tencent owns China’s most popular music streaming apps -- QQ Music, Kogou Music and Kuwu Music -- and the karaoke app WeSing. It was spun off from Chinese tech giant Tencent Corp. in December 2018, raising $1.1 billion in an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange.
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    Over the past year and a half Spotify has led the streaming industry’s investment in podcasts and other audio content, using the formats to grow beyond music and become a broader audio service. Lazy Audio, available at lrts.me, offers a selection of fiction and non-fiction audiobooks, podcasts and news shows. Tencent Music had already upped its audiobook offerings by reaching a partnership with China Literature in March 2020 to add its long-form audio catalog. (China Literature is a shareholder in Lazy Audio along with the company’s management team and other financial investors.) Now, Lazy Audio will allow Tencent Music to “cater to the increasingly nuanced needs of our customers,” Tencent Music CEO Cussion Pang said in a statement.
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    Streaming companies are spending big money to chase growth and market share. Lazy Audio’s $417 million price tag alone exceeds the $400 million to $500 million that Spotify earmarked for acquisitions of content producers and podcasting platforms in 2019. Since 2020, Spotify has acquired podcaster production houses Gimlet, The Ringer and Parcast, and bought Anchor, a podcast creation tool for smartphones, and Megaphone, a podcast advertising platform. Not to be outdone, in December Amazon purchased Wondery, producer of such podcasts as Death of a Starlet, Over My Dead Body and Business Wars. Apple Music, Pandora and iHeartRadio are also betting that podcasts are a basic requirement for a music streaming service in the 2020s.