The Weeknd 擔綱超級盃中場演出

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  • The Weeknd 擔綱超級盃中場演出


    ◎NFL已經確認,The Weeknd將正式成為超級盃(LV Halftime Show)的主秀。比賽定於2021年2月7日舉行,預定在佛羅里達州坦帕市的(Raymond James Stadium)播放,並將通過CBS直播。
    ◎本週早些時候,這位音樂巨星的冠軍歌曲《Blinding Lights》,在「Hot 100」排行榜,第38週排名前10名。如果它再停留一周,就將與(Post Malone)的《Circles》並列史上在排行榜排名前10名最久紀錄。


    The NFL has confirmed that The Weeknd will officially headline the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show. Scheduled for February 7th, 2021, the game will determine the league champion of the 2020 NFL season. It’s slated to be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida and will air live on CBS.
    Earlier this week, the music superstar’s #1 hit “Blinding Lights” notched a 38th week in a row in the Hot 100’s top 10. If it remains in the region for one more week, it will tie Post Malone’s “Circles” as the longest running top 10 hit in the chart’s history.