Tidal使用MQA技術 添加了數百萬個WMG的高解析音樂

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  • Tidal使用MQA技術 添加了數百萬個WMG的高解析音樂


    ◎Tidal正在擴大其高解析音樂的目錄,宣布其HiFi層中已添加了數百萬MQA格式的(Warner Music)的曲目。
    ◎Tidal還在其藝人和曲目廣播功能中添加了“Master Edition”,這將使聽眾在使用它時僅能聽到由MQA驅動的曲目。該服務的“New Arrivals”播放列表也有一個MQA版本,以幫助HiFi訂戶查看該服務的新功能。
    ◎音樂產業的目錄包含了CD早期的數百萬種重要演出,有時CD以44.1kHz 16bit的格式創建,而且沒有替代品。MQA創始人(Bob Stuart)表示:我們很高興(Warner Music Group)將這一內容帶到Tidal。


    Tidal is swelling its catalogue of hi-res music, announcing yesterday that “millions” of Warner Music tracks in the MQA format have been added to its HiFi tier.
    Tidal also announced that “since 2019, MQA users have doubled on Tidal, and Tidal HiFi users now stream 40% more tracks in Master Quality than last year” – although it did not give baseline figures for either of those percentage increases.
    Tidal is also adding a ‘Master Edition’ option for its artist and track radio feature, which will enable listeners to only hear MQA-powered tracks when using it. There’s also a MQA version of the service’s ‘New Arrivals’ playlist, to help HiFi subscribers see what’s new on the service.
    “The music industry’s catalog contains millions of significant performances from the early days of CD where, sometimes, the recording was created in 44.1kHz 16bit and where no alternative existed. We are delighted that Warner Music Group is bringing this content to Tidal,” said MQA founder Bob Stuart.