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  • TIKTOK借助遊戲開發經驗尋求工程師–用於新的擴增實境廣告格式


    ◎日前傳出Sony Music正在招聘一個團隊,該團隊致力於使用Fortnite製造商Epic Games的Unreal Engine,通過沉浸式媒體來重新構想音樂。現在,根據新發現的幾份招聘廣告,由ByteDance擁有的視頻平台TikTok,也在招聘具有沉浸式設計和遊戲開發經驗的軟體工程師
    ◎「TikTok AR」效果是什麼?根據Digiday的最新報告,這是一種全新的擴增實境廣告格式。根據DigiDay的報告,這項新功能將使TikTok用戶能夠將廣告商的交互式視覺效果,添加到與周圍物理環境互動的TikTok視頻中。用戶將能夠點擊廣告,其中包括在拍攝視頻時播放的音樂。知情人士表示,該產品目前稱為「AR品牌效應」,將於2020年第三季在全球推出。TikTok的新型AR廣告格式將與Instagram的擴增實境濾鏡和Snapchat的Lenses等競爭。
    ◎根據Sensor Tower的估計,TikTok在全球的下載量已超過20億次(在App Store和Google Play上)。


    At the beginning of the month, MBW broke the news that Sony Music is hiring for a team ‘dedicated to reimagining music through immersive media’ using Fortnite maker Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.
    Unreal is the ‘engine’ on which a number of blockbuster video games, including Epic’s own Fortnite, are built on.
    Now, according to several jobs ads spotted by MBW this week, another company that’s playing an increasingly prominent role in the music business – ByteDance-owned video platform TikTok – is also hiring for software engineers with experience in immersive design and games development.
    For example, TikTok is hiring for Gameplay Engineers, whose work, according to the ad, “will be experienced by hundreds of millions of Tiktok users around the world.”
    Other roles currently advertised by TikTok include a Tech Lead Interactive Engineer who will need 5+ years’ experience in immersive design and engineering, real-time graphics rendering, or gameplay development, and a Creative AR Design Engineer, who requires 3+ years’ experience in immersive design and engineering, real-time graphics rendering, or gameplay development.
    And guess what? One of the preferred skills for all of these roles is a “solid background in designing, programming, and prototyping using real-time 3D engines”, including but not limited to… Epic’s Unreal.
    According to the ads, these individuals will join the TikTok AR Effect team and “will create innovative augmented reality effects and experiences on mobile devices for TikTok”.
    What is the TikTok AR Effect? According to a recent report by Digiday, it’s a brand new augmented reality advertising format.
    This new feature, according to DigiDay’s report, “will allow TikTok users to add interactive visual effects from advertisers to their TikTok videos that interact with the physical environment around them”.
    Users will be able to click the ads, which will include music played while the videos are shot.
    Citing people familiar with matter, the report adds that the product, currently called the “AR brand effect”, is due to be launched globally in Q3 2020 and that the name might change by then.
    As noted by Digiday, TikTok’s new AR ad format will be competing with the likes of Instagram’s Augmented Reality filters and Snapchat’s Lenses.
    In a statement issued to Digiday, a TikTok spokesperson, said: “We’re always exploring new ways to bring creativity and joy to our community. Creative effects are a fun way for our users to express themselves and for brands to bring an interactive element to their campaigns with branded creative effects.”
    “We’re experimenting with ways we can continue making this a valuable experience for brands, and will share more details when we have them.”
    This week, we reported that Bytedance has poached Disney’s Kevin Mayer to become TikTok’s new CEO
    TikTok has been downloaded more than 2 billion times globally (on the App Store and Google Play), according to Sensor Tower estimates.