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  • TikTok出售受到中國出口法規趨嚴的挑戰


    ◎TikTok在7月宣布,它在美國的每日活躍用戶為4900萬,全球有近6.9億。正是這個龐大的用戶群,以及該應用程序令人著迷的性質,吸引了青少年,這鼓勵了TikTok被用作主要和獨立藝術家的行銷平台。(Simon Fuller)等人將密切關注該應用程序在美國市場的未來不確定性,西蒙·富勒(Simon Fuller)最近與TikTok合作建立了一個新的團隊。
    ◎從母公司ByteDance拆分TikTok在美國,加拿大和澳洲的業務將需要時間-儘管川普總統將出售交易的截止日期移至總統選舉後。TikTok在美國買家,包括科技巨頭Oracle,及不太可能的Microsoft-Walmart合作夥伴,都沒有發表評論,但是幾乎可以說,TikTok出售的故事有很多曲折,包括傳聞中200億美元,來自「Centricus Asset Management」和Triller出價。


    Who would have envisioned that tensions between the world’s two superpowers would centre around a short-video app used by teenagers to share videos of them dancing along to pop songs? Yet, here we are, and on Friday, Chinese authorities announced new legislation placing restrictions on exports of various technologies, and warned ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, that they should “seriously and cautiously” think about if it should stop the sale of its US, Canadian and Australasian operations.
    On the new regulations’ restricted list includes data-processing, AI learning, and content recommendation – the type of technologies used in TikTok’s famed algorithmic feed, described by technologist Eugene Wei as being like the “Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter universe”.
    The TikTok feed isn’t just important – to many users it *is* the TikTok experience: a highly sophisticated, seemingly endless stream of videos that often feel just right for each user. It’s also extremely important for artists who hope to blow up on TikTok, which announced in July that it had 49 million daily active users in the US, and nearly 690 million worldwide.
    It’s this giant user base, and the addictive nature of the app (again – driven by that eerily accurate feed) with the teen audience that has encouraged adoption of TikTok as a marketing platform for major and indie artists alike. Any uncertainty around the app’s future in the US market will be watched closely by the likes of Simon Fuller, who recently partnered with TikTok to put a new group together.
    Splitting TikTok’s US, Canadian and Australasian business from parent company ByteDance will take time – despite President Trump moving his deadline for the sale to just after the presidential election. TikTok’s US suitors, including tech giant Oracle, and the unlikely Microsoft-Walmart partnership, haven’t yet commented, but it almost goes without saying that the story of TikTok’s sale has a number of twists and turns to come – including a rumoured $20Bn purchase bid from Centricus Asset Management and Triller.