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  • TikTok增加了與Teespring的創作者商品銷售整合


    ◎風險投資公司「Andreessen Horowitz」去年就聲稱,將來所有人都將在TikTok等視頻應用上購物,將它們視為強迫觀看的廣告,可以直接購買。Teespring表示,他們希望找到一種TikTok友好的方式,在應用程序上使用完整商店功能。
    ◎就像Twitch集成到Amazon Music中一樣,基本應用的音樂商業體系已經開始形成,它們必須相互協作才能保持運轉。我們可能面對的未來是,音樂迷僅使用少數幾種選擇的應用程式來與音樂互動,並期望他們希望進行的每個點擊的音樂、直播、社交連接、商品與小費,都在一個地方發生。TikTok可以提供的任何額外收入串流,會使任何擬議的購買,更加吸引人。


    Apps are fond of keeping users within the app, and creators like to ping fans all over the internet to where they can get them to pay for things. To strike a balance, TikTok has followed Youtube and Twitch in partnering with Teespring to allow TikTok’s creators to sell merch they’ve created on Teespring within TikTok, reports The Verge.
    It’s the first time TikTok creators have been able to sell anything directly in-app, and there are a few challenges ahead before its planned launch later this month. You’ll probably have already seen a fairly discreet Teespring “merchandising shelf” appear beneath Youtubers’ videos, but in Tiktok – an app laser-focussed on providing a simple, clear, endless stream of short-video content – it’s more complex.
    Teespring said that they hope to find a TikTok-friendly way to house a “full shop functionality” within the app, without revealing how that will look.
    VC firm Andreessen Horowitz claimed last year that “In the future, we’re all going to be shopping on video apps like TikTok… Think of them as compulsively watchable commercials — with a direct link to buy.”
    Much like Twitch’s integration into Amazon Music, a music business solar system of essential apps is starting to form, and they must work with each other to stay in orbit.
    We may face a future where music fans use only few choice apps to engage with music, with the expectation that every interaction they want – on-demand music, live-streaming, social connectivity, merchandise, tipping – all happen in one place. And any extra income streams that TikTok can offer is only going to make any proposed purchase even more fascinating to watch.