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  • TikTok競爭對手Likee現在每月有1.5億活躍用戶


    ◎這不僅僅與中國用戶有關:Joyy的董事長兼首席執行長(David Zueling Li)表示,該公司一直致力於“透過多樣化內容產品,完善產品功能及針對不同地區製定擴展計劃來培養「Likee」的全球系統。其中一個地區是印度,但在6月,「Likee」被禁止在印度使用。


    TikTok isn’t the only short-videos app from China to be making a big splash. Tech firm Joyy’s latest financial results reveal the growth of its app Likee, which has a similar community of people creating videos with special effects and music.
    The app, formerly known as ‘Like’, saw its average mobile monthly active users grow by 86.2% year-on-year to 150.3 million people last quarter, according to Joyy.
    This isn’t just about users in China: Joyy’s chairman and CEO David Zueling Li said that the company had been focusing on “cultivating Likee’s global ecosystem by diversifying its content offerings, refining its product features, and tailoring its expansion initiatives to different regions”.
    One of those regions was India, but Likee was banned there in June as part of the same Chinese-apps-cull that removed TikTok from the app stores.
    TechCrunch reported that the US is Likee’s second largest market, and that it was downloaded there nearly 7.3m times between early July and early August as speculation about a TikTok ban there grew.