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  • Uppbeat是YouTubers的最新新創許可音樂


    ◎Uppbea的音樂也可以在其他開放式發行平台上使用,從即時串流媒體服務到播客,但只能由獨創者或公司中最多10名員工的人製作,這些公司不製作付費廣告。該平台已由授權公司Music Vine啟動。


    British startup Uppbeat is the latest company promising to help YouTubers use music without fear of copyright strikes.
    It is launching with a catalogue of more than 900 tracks from artists, producers and composers, with each Uppbeat user able to download 10 a month for use in any of their videos.
    The business model involves getting some of them to upgrade for a £6.99-a-month premium account, which lets them use as many tracks as they like, while also ‘whitelisting’ their channel to avoid future copyright claims.
    Uppbeat says its music can also be used on other ‘open-distribution platforms’ – from livestreaming services to podcasts – but only by solo creators or people in companies of up to 10 employees, who are not making paid advertising. The platform has been launched by licensing firm Music Vine.