YouTube Music可能很快會讓您以Instagram和Snapchat的stories形式分享歌曲

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  • YouTube Music可能很快會讓您以Instagram和Snapchat的stories形式分享歌曲


    ◎隨著(Play Music)即將淘汰,Google會繼續使用越來越多的功能更新後續產品。 YouTube Music現正在與Snapchat和Instagram共享工作,但該功能尚未啟用。
    ◎如果您在Android設備上安裝了Instagram或Snapchat,則YouTube Music會自動新增兩個目標“Instagram stories”與“Snapchat stories”。目前,按任意一個都會使YouTube Music崩潰。但是,很明顯Google正在努力實現新功能。
    ◎新功能與Apple Music和Spotify相似,您可以分享一個stories,其中包含您正在聽的歌曲,專輯封面和藝人名稱,以及某種自定義背景。如果Google使用Instagram,則可能會有一個連結供觀看者打開YouTube Music並開始收聽。除了為現有用戶提供流行的Snapchat和Instagram共享選項外,還為Google宣傳YouTube Music提供了另一種方式。


    As Play Music nears deprecation, Google continues to update its successor with more and more features. YouTube Music is now working on Snapchat and Instagram story sharing, but the functionality is not yet live.
    If you have Instagram or Snapchat installed on your Android device, YouTube Music’s custom share sheet features two new targets. “Instagram stories” and “Snapchat stories” look to be generated by the streaming service and not the default ones — as determined by the square icon shape — offered by the social apps.
    At the moment, tapping either crashes YouTube Music. However, it’s clear what functionality Google is working towards.
    Similar to Apple Music and Spotify, you’ll presumably be able to share a story that features the song you’re listening to. This should include album artwork and artist name, as well as some sort of custom vertical background. If Google is working with Instagram, there will likely be a link for viewers of the story to open YouTube Music and start listening.
    Besides giving existing users popular Snapchat and Instagram sharing options, this serves as another way for Google to advertise YouTube Music. As of today, the integration does not appear to be live on either social network.
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